At Rax Pizzabuffet, you feast on delicious food easily and effortlessly. Our buffet includes tasty pizzas, fresh salads, various options for warm dishes as well as cold and hot drinks. Top off your meal with our delicious sundae ice cream! Friends with different tastes and requirements can eat at the same table – our selection includes dozens of tasty options so that everyone can choose their own favourites. Say goodbye to hunger – with your favourites from our selection!

Rax Pizzabuffet

Create just the right meal for you from Rax’s diverse assortment. Please note that some of the pizzas take turns on the table, so not all products are on offer every day.

One vegetarian or one vegan pizza will be available at a time. If the vegan pizza is not available, please feel free to ask our staff to make one for you.


Classic Pizzas

  • Pepe (L), pepperoni
  • Havaiji (L), pizza strips (pork), pineapple
  • Tonno (L), tuna, tomato
  • Tonno Aioli (L), tuna, aioli
  • Tricolore (LL), tomato, salad cheese, spinach
  • Opera Special, pepperoni, pizzastripes (ham), tuna

Vegan Pizzas

  • BBQ Vöner (VE, M), vöner, red onion, jalapeno, BBQ-sauce
  • Vöner Nacho (VE, M) vöner, paprika, nachos, aioli

Daily Pizzas

  • Margarita (L), tomato sauce, cheese
  • Artemis, goat cheese, tomato, rucola
  • Shrimp (L), shrimp, salad cheese
  • Beef Mexican, minced beef, paprika, nachos, cheddar sauce
  • Cheesy Pepperoni, pepperoni, cheddar sauce, onion rings
  • BBQ Pollo (L), chicken, pineapple, red onion, BBQ-sauce
  • White Pollo (L), crème fraiche, chicken, sundried tomato, pesto, rucola
  • BBQ Beef Kebab (L), kebab, salad cheese, BBQ-sauce


Warm Dishes

Please note that some of the products take turns on the table, so not all products are on offer every day.

  • Chicken wings M, G*
  • Meatballs M, G*
  • Cocktail sausages M, G*
  • Onion rings M, VE
  • French fries M, G*, VE
  • Potato gratin L, G*
  • Ham and potato casserole L, G*
  • Lasagne L


Salad Buffet

Please note that some of the salad buffet’s products take turns on the table, so not all products are on offer every day.

  • Mixed greens and spinach M, G*, VE
  • Mixed greens and rucola M, G*, VE
  • Cucumber M, G*, VE
  • Tomato M, G*, VE
  • Red onion M, G*, VE
  • Watermelon M, G*, VE
  • Pineapple M, G*, VE
  • Colourful Coleslaw L, G*
  • Free-range eggs M, G*
  • Potato Salad L, G*
  • Salad cheese L, G*
  • Tzatziki L, G*
  • Cottage cheese L, G*
  • Castello® Blue Cheese dip G*
  • Tuna pasta salad L
  • Garlic M, G*, VE
  • Jalapeños M, G*, VE
  • Salted nuts M, G*, VE
  • Pumpkin seeds M, G*, VE
  • Salsa M, G*, VE
  • Nachos M, G*, VE
  • Marshmallow M, G*



Please note that the soups take turns on the table, so not all soups are on offer every day.

  • Creamy salmon soup L, G*
  • Soft fiery minced beef soup L, G*
  • Curry chicken soup L, G*

M=milk-free, L=Lactose-free, LL=Low-lactose, VE=Vegan, G*=Made using gluten-free ingredients.

*Please note that the products are prepared in the same premises as products containing gluten, which means the risk of contamination is possible.

Some of the products include nuts, lupin, milk, egg, soy or other allergens. Please let our staff know about your possible allergies.